The label SE: wardrobe (formed by Dominika) is a part of Amsterdam’s renowned Scandinavian concept - Scandinavian Embassy, which brings the most unique Scandinavian experience to the Netherlands.

SE: wardrobe (formed by Dominika) fashion collections explore the beauty of Scandinavian motives. The founder and designer of the label, Dominika, was since a very early age fascinated by a purity of geometric forms and clean, pure, contrasting colours used in garments. Always inspired by her mother designing wedding dresses, she started her label as an outcome of a great dream.

The label provides high quality, exclusive minimalistic clothing. Each garment is a piece of art in itself. The focus of the collections is on shape, quality of fabrics and finishing details. Colours are limited to base black and white and one additional colour directly related to the inspiration of a given collection.

The garments are easy to combine between different sub-collections which not only makes them timeless, but allows them not to necessarily follow the traditional fashion industry calendar.

The choice of natural fabrics like wool and silk emphases the exclusivity of the garments and gives the most pleasant experience for the person who wears them.

SE: wardrobe (formed by Dominika) constructs and produces its garments in Europe.

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