collection light/ lys

inspired by Scandinavian light

Our very first mini collection was inspired by one of the most Scandinavian motives you could think of: light. Light in the Scandinavian dimension is about contrast; dark winters & bright summers. Scandinavian summer nights are a play of contrasting colours covering the sky: from extremely dark to very bright accents. This inspired the colours of the collection, shapes and the choice of fabrics. All are based on contrast.
When you think of light you do not traditionally think of the colour black. In Scandinavia, the sky can be a dark piece with small light details. This is why the colour black accented with light pastels is dominating in the collection. This is also the contrast. Graphic shapes represent contrast and simplicity. Heavier wools connected with lighter silks are the expression of contradiction but at the same time a natural flow between the elements. 
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